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Discmania brings you a one stop shop collection to help prepare for the coming holiday season. We've listed the best deals here for quick access but keep in mind the ENTIRE store inventory is eligible for 10% discount after purchase.

10% on your entire order will be refunded back to your account within one business day of order date. No hassle for you, big savings for your wallet. No limits on any product including signature models. Offer valid Friday November 8-22.

Key items to highlight:

  • Huk Lab stamps are now available during this period only for custom stamping. $2 per disc will be invoiced to you separately
    • You may choose multiple designs in 25 disc increments or above. This applies to any specialty stamp design.
    • Please let us know in your order comments which design you'd like to have stamped on custom order. You are welcome to choose any of the featured Huk designs, your own design, or our Discmania specialty stamps.
    • Top left = Mini Huk, Top Right = Mega Huk, Bottom Left = Timber Huk, Bottom Right = Hypno Huk

    • Custom Glow MD4, C-P2, P-MD4, and P-MD3 all listed at 20% off. Plus the extra 10% discount you receive on your entire order
  • Forge Enigma priced at 20% off is now available to dealers
  • Mini target 6 packs
  • Starter bag 6 packs
  • Lite Pro Targets. Perfect for holiday gifts and sales

In addition to the above you now also get:

  • "Chef Special" Glow C-Line MD4 with each order.
  • Spend $500* and a get the "Chef Special" and 5 Eagle/Simon specialty stamped Glow MD4s.
  • Spend $1000* get all of the above plus FREE SHIPPING and another 5 Eagle/Simon Glow MD4s!