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Custom Run Program

Are you a Disc Golf Store looking to offer something that the competition doesn’t have? Maybe you’re Tournament Director wanting to offer your players something extra special. Discmania is happy to announce the launch of our “Custom Run” program.

I'm just looking to do a regular Custom stamp, am I in the right spot? 
No, please head over to the Customizable section on the Dealer Store.

Sounds great, what special plastic can we get?
The following plastics blends may be available: Glow, Color Glow, Metal Flake, Lux and Forge.  

Evolution products can also utilize the DecoDye process. DecoDye is a process where 8 ink variations are used to transfer any original image. DecoDye minimum order is 500.

What can’t we get?
We cannot provide disc/plastic combinations that are currently used in our Signature Series. Former Signature Series discs could be allowed once 24 months have passed. 

Please note that Team Discmania players who currently have a Discmania Signature Series disc cannot have a “Custom Run” Signature Series disc. 

What is the minimum order?
There is a minimum order of 1000.

What kind of exclusivity window is there?
There will be a minimum of 1 month exclusivity upon delivery of the “Custom Run”. Following the 30 day exclusivity window, discs may then be sold via the Discmania Store and/or the Dealer Store. Europe is excluded from the 30 day exclusively window.

How much will a “Custom Run” cost?
+$1 from normal Custom pricing.

Sounds amazing, how can I place an order?
Please contact us at dealers@discmania.net