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Discmania Custom S-LINE PD2

Discmania Custom S-LINE PD2

$ 18.99

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Let's face it - the PD2 is not meant for everyone. It is abnormally fast for the stability it offers. Targeted for the strong-armed touring pro, this disc is very reliable thrown backhand, forehand and overhead in pretty much all conditions. Do you think have what it takes to throw the Discmania PD2?

European Champion Simon Lizotte:
‰۝Compared to the C-line PD2 this model is slighly less over stable so it will glide just a little further to add some extra distance. The S-line PD2 is still a very overstable, fast and powerful distance driver. When the disc breaks in it becomes a stable and reliable disc to rip down the fairway.‰۝

Help us in our effort to become a more Eco-Friendly company! Below is a breakdown of how many of these discs fit in our various box sizes. If you can help it, consider ordering these quantities so we can fit them all in one box and cut down on shipping materials!

XL box: 31
1/2 box: 62
Full box: 124

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