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Discmania Custom S-LINE TD

Discmania Custom S-LINE TD

$ 17.99

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The Discmania TD is an easy-to-throw disc suitable for beginners all the way up to top level pros. This speed 10 driver has a comfortable smaller rim grip that offers a lot of glide with a very straight flight path. When thrown with the right amount of power, this disc just keeps on going straight almost like it is floating in the air! This disc features our fresh S-line TD stamp.

European Champion Simon Lizotte:
"Here's another great disc for any level players but with a different purpose to it. For beginners this disc can be a great go to fairway and even distance driver because of it's under stability. It makes straight long shots easier for beginners. Once you get hold of throwing a disc with speed and power, the TD will turn into a great disc for roller, anhyzer and turnover shots. With great glide and speed the TD rushes down the fairways."

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