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Discmania G-LINE P2

Discmania G-LINE P2

$ 17.99

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The choice of Champions. The Discmania P2 is significantly more stable putter than our P1. Created specifically for professional level players, the P2 works great for spin putts and fade-in shots inside and outside the circle. Due to its stability, the P2 works great for approaches and tackles strong headwinds without flinching. It's also a very consistent driving putter. Disc golf World Champion Paul McBeth and the European Champion Simon Lizotte rely on P2 to get the job done for them.

The G-LINE P2 is an instant classic. With its unmatched grip, high durability, and the laser beam straight path it can take to the basket it is must for any player looking to master their upshots or drives from the tee.

The G-LINE plastic is a very grippy and gummy. It has much higher flexibility and beautiful pearl type appearance which makes each and every disc look unique.

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