Discmania Dealer Store closed - click for announcement

Dealer store gets a facelift

We've been working hard behind the scenes for a while now to create a fresh take on your favorite B2B web shop. Our sales team set out with simple goals in mind; to create a more fluid dealer store that has the ability to inform you better on important topics and enhance your user experience without sacrificing much of the simplicity you also enjoyed with the previous interface.

What's new

Home page

There's a lot to unpack here but we'd like to point out at least a few key items to keep your eye on. Some features may come and go over time but this gives a good indication on the types of information you can expect to see

  • Updates to scrolling banner layout
  • Info grid: Quicker access to other important areas of the site at a click of a button
  • Featured items, improvements on various collections and arrangements
  • Featured collections
  • Blog posts (including this one)
  • Announcement bar for important messages
  • Linear menu navigation. Clear, precise, and easy to follow

What's not

Everything is bright and shiny but don't worry, just about all of the features that you are comfortable with using still remain, but are most likely going to be easier for you to locate. 

Our promise to you

You are the heart and soul of the company, whether it's boots on the ground or products on the web. Our goal is to keep you well equipped with the best information we have to offer in order to set you up for success. This new website allows you to access media quicker, for informational pieces to be shared with you easier, and streamline website navigation to save you time.


Yes please! This is just as new for us as it is for you so if you have any kind of feedback on how you'd like to see us improve, don't hesitate to reach out. Fill out a form here through March for a discount on an April order! 

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The Discmania Dealer Store is closed while inventory is being transferred to Disc Golf Distribution.

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