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Q: Who can I contact with a Customs (disc) question?
A: Email customs@discmania.net

Q: I have a customer service question, who should I call?
A: Customer service can be reached at 833-DLINEP2

Q: Where do I leave notes or special requests for my order?
A: Click on your shopping cart and then click 'Add note to your order', which is located directly to the left of your subtotal.

Q: There was a mistake on my order, who do I contact?
A: Please email dealers@discmania.net
and let us know the missing item and order number. 
Q: Can I add on to my order or switch it up once it has been submitted?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Can my club buy Discmania Discs?
A: Yes! Please follow the instructions to create an account here. 501C3, or tax exempt status is required for Clubs.

Q: Can I use a Discmania logo on my custom artwork/stamp?
A: No, a
rtwork cannot include any Discmania logos, unless it is for a Discmania sponsored event and/or approved by our art director.

Q: What is your MAP and MSRP pricing?
A: MAP and MSRP is located here.

Q: Can I set up a wholesale Dealer account to sell discs on Facebook?
A: No, in order to set up a wholesale Dealer account you need to have a federal tax ID number, brick and mortar store or online store. 

Q: Why am I being charged sales tax for wholesale purchases?
A: You are being charged sales tax because you have not submitted your resellers certificate. Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Washington are exempt, along with all purchases coming from outside the US. 

Q: What happens if I don’t pay my invoice?
A: 5% (total order) late fee to all invoices that are 30 or more days past due.
10% (total order) late fee to all invoices that are 60 or more days past due.
15% (total order) late fee to all invoices that are 90 or more days past due and we will send to collections. Your account may be temporarily or permanently revoked.

Q: I’m currently a Discmania Dealer, can I sell Discmania Discs on Amazon?
A: Approval from Discmania is needed to sell on Amazon. Please email dealers@discmania.net

Q: How do I design a custom stamp?
A: Instructions for custom stamp designs.

Q: I created an account, but haven’t been contacted yet. What should I do?
A: Please send an email to dealers@discmania.net

Q: Why can’t I check out?
A: Please make sure that you have a minimum $200 in your cart. If you have custom discs in your cart, you need to have a minimum of 25 custom discs in your cart.

Q: I need help with placing my order, what should I do?
A: You can contact dealers@discmania.net and we will contact you to help you with your order. If you don’t know what discs to order, you can also order a Dealer Box, which is filled with a wide variety of our best sellers and promotional items. 

Q: Can I get a mini or micro stamped on Stock, Signature or Special Edition stamped discs?
A: Yes and no. See below.
-Yes on stock stamps (30 days must pass if it is a new release).
-Yes on Special Edition (30 days must pass if it is a new release).
-No on Primal Runs.
-No on 1st Runs.
-No on Signature Series.
Please note the following:
-You must leave the request in your order notes.
-Art must be approved by staff.
-Cost per extra stamp is $1, which you will be invoiced for.
-Minimum 25 pcs, just like a regular custom order.

Q: Can I visit your warehouse?
A: Drop in visits are not allowed. However, we do love to meet our Dealers and show you around. Please keep in mind there are times when we cannot host guests. Contact dealers@discmania.net to inquire about/schedule a warehouse visit. Covid update: no visitors at this time.

Q: Why are prices are showing up at MSRP and not wholesale?
A: You may not be logged in. Please log in prior to building your order, not after. If you get an order through with incorrect pricing, please contact dealers@discmania.net

Q: Is there an order minimum?
A: Yes, $200.

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The Discmania Dealer Store is closed while inventory is being transferred to Disc Golf Distribution.

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