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- Customer Service - 833.DLINEP2 / Dealers@discmania.net


- Nate Perkins Zen 2 available for preorder 12/1, global release 12/21
- The 3rd version of the Lone Howl is here! Global release Dec. 7th. Active Mermaid also released (it floats!)
- Les White Zombie Gremlin collection released. Check it out!
Midnight Prowl 2 Meta Origin. Global Release Nov. 16th
D-Line P2 Flex 1 available now. Same global release as MP2!
Iron Samurai 4 is here! New Chroma plastic!
Fall Apparel now live! Hoodies, Polos, Beanies, Hats, Compression Sleeve!
Undead Samurai 2 (Glow Sensei) online
- Simon Lizotte Nature Appreciation Tee restocked
- Eagle McMahon GRIP AX5 Valhalla available 9/8 for Brick and Mortar! No Online Sales!
- New Jetpack GRIPeq/Discmania BX3 available 9/1
- Eagle McMahon Razor Claw 3 Preorder available!
Fanatic Go Backpack Bag. Only $29.99 MSRP!
Starter Bags!
- Sportsacks - Mosaic & Shields
Hanging Rack Displays 

Other Recent Restocks

Fanatic GO! Wholesale $12.50-13.50!

- Customs! Some molds restocked/added

Neo Origins
- C-Line FD
D-Line P2
Neo Methods
Neo Essences
Exo Hard Link
Starter Bags
Neo Enigma
C-Line MD3