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Discmania Custom Swirl S-LINE FD

Discmania Custom Swirl S-LINE FD

$ 19.99

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The world is your oyster with our latest run of Swirl S-Line FD. Choose from any of our poplar Discmania specialty stamps or submit your own artwork to us and put your own creative spin on the disc.

The Discmania FD short for "Fairway Driver" is a very controllable low-speed driver - a tool EVERYONE needs in their bag. Once you learn the lines this disc is capable of, it will never leave your bag. Packed with gigantic glide, this versatile disc can also be sneaky long. The FD shines when you need to make an accurate/controlled drive and land smoothly on the fairway. 

The S-LINE FD is even more versatile than it's C-LINE brother. The S-LINE will allow you to throw and easier flip up fairway shot or throw straighter lines with less power. We can not recommend a better disc that every single player will be able to use for their entire disc golf career. 


*Pro tip: These are some of the most overstable S-Line FDs ever made, but in a good way. If you're looking for a more reliable FD that you can really lay into, this is the one for you. Maybe grab some for your customers too. :)

Help us in our effort to become a more Eco-Friendly company! Below is a breakdown of how many of these discs fit in our various box sizes. If you can help it, consider ordering these quantities so we can fit them all in one box and cut down on shipping materials!

XL box: 30
1/2 box: 60
Full box: 120

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